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Leon Clements
President and CEO

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League Medical Concepts
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About Us

League Medical Concepts, LLC is a Texas company formed in December of 2004 to revolutionize health care delivery through the use of an innovative and integrated tele-medicine system. Recognizing the worldwide application of tele-medicine in today’s healthcare market, the focus of this organization is healthcare delivery in correctional settings.

League Medical Concepts combines over 30 years of operational experience in the healthcare industry including ten years in correctional health. The management of League Medical Concepts constructed the organization to resemble the team which was so successful in the contract between the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB).

League Medical has developed the knowledge, skills and understanding of the processes and standards needed to assure positive outcomes for implementations under its administration.

Building Strong Partnerships

Working together with you, League Medical Concepts can help dramatically improve the quality of your healthcare delivery system, and significantly reduce costs. League Medical provides a proven, comprehensive medical delivery system.

League Medical Concepts is revolutionizing the way medical care is delivered within the healthcare industry. Ours is a proven, safer approach to healthcare that delivers superior medical services. Find out how your organization can benefit from a partnership with League Medical. Contact Us Today!